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Welcome to the Sleep Works Podcast!

Join Marlee and Leah, sleep therapists, and their business and wellness enthusiast Lexi, as they tackle the world of sleep.


They’re not just co-founders of Sleep Works; they’re three best friends with 18 years of friendship and a shared mission: to conquer sleep challenges while learning and laughing as they go.


Every episode is a blend of humour, expert advice, and a peek into what it really looks like to transform your sleep with Sleep Works.

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  • Meet Your New Best Friends: Get to know Marlee, Leah, and Lexi as they share expert insights, personal anecdotes, all infused with warm, best-friend vibes.

  • Real Client Stories, Real Solutions: Each episode, we discuss anonymous client cases, giving you an insider look at common and unique sleep struggles. It's like sitting in on a sleep consultation with a dash of humour.

  • Engaging & Enlightening: This podcast is perfect for the sleep enthusiast, or anyone who’s ever felt alone in their sleep issues and wondered why we can’t all be morning people.


  • Inside the Therapy Room: Experience the dynamics of a real-life sleep consultation through our discussions and approach.

  • Expert Advice Mixed with Fun: Learn about effective sleep strategies and the science behind them, all while feeling like our newest BFF.

  • Diverse Topics, Unique Perspectives: From why sleep patterns vary so much between people, to practical tips for better sleep - all sprinkled with our personal insights and occasional wild theories.

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Want to come on our podcast, or feature us on yours? We'd love to collaborate! Click the button below to contact us.

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